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The DS-2019 - What is it?

The DS-2019 is the "Certificate of Eligibility" we are able to issue you with once your application for J1 Sponsorship has been approved.

This form is proof that you have been approved by a "Legally Designated Sponsor" to apply for a J1 Visa at the US Embassy.
It shows various different pieces of information:

  • Your personal details as per your passport (this is why you need to make sure the information matches your passport exactly!)
  • The TYPE of visa you are applying for (in this case J1)
  • The category of visa (this might be J1 Intern, Work and Travel etc depending on the programme you're going on)
  • The address of your approved US Host Organisation (your employer in the US)
  • The Name of the Organisation acting as your "Legally Designated Sponsor" (this is NOT your Host Organisation)
  • The dates you are legally allowed to undertake your work/ internship/traineeship
  • The name and Signature of the Alternate Responsible Officer who has authorised the document


The DS-2019 - Common Questions

  • Is the Ds-2019 the Visa?

    NO - the Ds-2019 Certificate is the form you need in order to be able to apply or the J1 Visa. It shows you have been accepted as eligible for the programme

  • Why doesn't it say DS-2019?

    It does! But you have to look very closely - check out the bottom left hand corner of your form and you'll see it there!

  • There's a mistake on my form - is this important?

    Yes - if there are any mistakes on the form you need to get in touch with us ASAP

  • Do I need this for the embassy

    Yes - you won't get a visa without it and you can't book your interview without the SEVIS ID found at the top right hand side (above the vertical barcode type image)

  • What about the J1 Visa

    Your J1 Visa will be printed inside your passport once you have had a successful interview at the US Embassy.
    This will then be sent back to you via the method you have chosen when booking the interview.

    J1 Visa

At the Embassy Interview

The Consular Officer will take your DS-2019 from you along with your passport. This will be returned to you along with your passport once your visa has been processed

Remember to keep this safe!

The Ds-2019 is a valuable document that you must keep safe! As well as need ing it on the plane with you when you go to the USA, you'll need it in future should you want to apply for any other visas to the US!

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