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Spend up to 10 weeks living and working at a US Summer Camp

    With Camp Exchange USA, you'll spend up to ten weeks at camp this summer — living and working with kids in the great outdoors - and helping them have the summer of their lives!


    Just picture it: horseback riding, rock climbing, and sailing all in the same day. Staying up late telling ghost stories with campers by the campfire. Hiking to a private lake nestled in the woods.
    Each year, hundreds of thousands of kids ages five to 17 attend summer camp at thousands of camps located in rural areas across the U.S. The specific activities may vary from camp to camp, but an atmosphere of fun, friendship, and discovery stays the same. Whether the campers attend for one week or eight, campers and counselors alike have the chance to try new activities each day, learn important skills individually and as a group, and make friendships that last a lifetime.

    We're looking for people who love working with kids of all ages who can fill one (or more) of the following roles:

    Activity Specialist - working direct with the kids, teaching them new activities and skills
    Cabin Counselor - living and guiding young campers throughout the experience

    No matter which role you are assigned you'll be part of a summer experience that will allow you to:

    Develop essential leadership and teaching skills and independence
    Establish lifelong friendships
    Learn about other cultures
    Spend time in the great outdoors!

    At the end of the season, adventure still awaits. For up to 30 days following your time at camp, you can travel the U.S., visiting quintessential American locations, meeting diverse people, exploring an eclectic mix of traditional American cuisine, and more!


    Summer camps offer a wide range of games, sports, and arts and crafts to inspire and engage campers. Camps are always looking for experienced counselors who can lead campers in a particular activity, especially specialized activities like fencing and woodworking. Below is a list of just some of the activities you can get involved in during your time at camp.
    If you don’t have experience in the typical camp activities mentioned below, don’t worry! You can still apply to CIEE Camp Exchange USA.


      • Arts and Crafts
      • Ceramics
      • Leatherwork
      • Tie-dying
      • Weaving

      • Jewelry
      • Painting
      • Photography
      • Stained Glass
      • Woodwork

      • Acting/Drama
      • Computers
      • Cooking
      • Music
      • Singing/Vocals


      • Aerobics
      • Dance
      • Yoga


      • Hiking
      • Orienteering
      • Overnight Camping
      • Scouting Experience

    • SPORTS

      • Archery
      • Baseball
      • Basketball
      • BMX
      • Canoeing
      • Cycling
      • Track and Field
      • Fencing

      • Field Hockey
      • Go-Carts
      • Golf
      • Gymnastics
      • Horseback Riding
      • Kayaking
      • Lacrosse
      • Martial Arts

      • Mountain Biking
      • Paintball
      • Rock Climbing
      • Ropes Course
      • Rowing
      • Sailing
      • Skateboarding
      • Soccer/Football
      • Softball

      • Swimming
      • Tennis
      • Volleyball
      • Wakeboarding
      • Water-Skiing
      • Windsurfing

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