Finding a Job in the US for next Summer

Every year, more than 15,000 Work & Travel USA students work at all kinds of CIEE sourced seasonal jobs in locations across the United States. These jobs meet CIEE’s high standards to ensure a good workplace experience.

We work with America’s best seasonal employers, and for UK based students we offer an internet based interview process with US employers - often CIEE will in fact interview on behalf of the employers! This means you can attend an interview from the comfort of your home or university.

You can also apply with you own job - as long as this has been approved by CIEE in advance.

What type of jobs can you do in the USA on Summer Work and Travel?

With so many different jobs available, you‘re sure to find one you like! You can work at hotels, restaurants, amusement and theme parks, ski resorts, national parks, or retail stores. All of the employers we work with provide reliable jobs with competitive salaries, and many even offer affordable housing.

Here’s a sampling of some of the jobs CIEE Work & Travel USA students have held:

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