We would normally recommend allowing at least 6 weeks from the time we receive a completed application* from you to the time you plan on departing for the USA.
However, if you are able to apply earlier then please do so. The more time you allow yourself the more relaxed the process can be!

*A completed application is one where both YOUR part of the online application AND the online DS-7002 Training Plan have been completed and signed.

The length of time it takes to get a J1 Visa depends on many different factors - The most common of these are:

  • The quality of your initial application
  • The quality of the DS-7002 Training Plan (for Internship, Graduate Internship and Career Training only)
  • How quickly your Host Company in the US responds to queries from our colleagues - and acts on these
  • Wait times for an interview at your local embassy or consulate
Important Information

Please note that we can not start an application until ALL parts have been successfully submitted to us.
The timescales here are approximate but are based on a completed application.
If your application is incomplete or requires revisions we will let you know but processing times only start when everything is in place!

  1. Start your Application

    You fill in the "Create Your Online Account" section on your specific programme page. We will crate a record for you in the system and you will receive an invitation email from donotreply@ciee.org.You can then log in to your account and start the application process. You invite your US Host Company to complete the online DS-7002

  2. Complete your Application

    Once all parts have been completed we are able to review your application and the DS-7002.
    At this point you will be asked to pay your programme fees.
    You MUST email apply@istplus.com to confirm when your application is complete

  3. We check it/ submit to CIEE

    Once your programme fees have been received we will submit your application to CIEE for full review and processing.
    As part of this process they will go through your application and contact your Host Company to verify the details of the Internship/ Traineeship.

  4. Approved! What now?

    Once approval has been given, your legal documentation is authorised and printed in the USA. Your legal documentation is sent to our offices in the UK - these must be hard copies - we're not allowed to have these emailed or sent electronically.
    We send these out to you via 1st class post unless you have requested a different method.
    If these are to be sent overseas we may use an international priority courier.

  5. Booking your Interview at the Embasy

    You should then complete your DS-160 and book your face to face interview at the US Embassy
    After your interview at the embassy, you can expect to wait 3-5 working days before your visa is returned to you by the embassy secure courier service

  6. Go to the USA

    Once you've received your passport and Visa back from the embassy you are then free to go to the USA on or after the Programme start date you have entered and agreed to - this is on your Certificate of Insurance and also on your online account.

What People are Saying

"WORK AND TRAVEL USA IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY to work with American people and learn something new. The journey was incredible!"

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