Teach Abroad


Teaching English abroad with an IST Plus Programme is an excellent way to...

  • Gain real-world skills and international competency
  • Build your résumé
  • Make a difference teaching others about your own language and culture
  • Experience a new culture and see the world
  • Become an active member of a foreign community
  • Establish new friendships and contacts
  • Earn money to support expenses while living and traveling abroad

Participating in an IST Plus Teach Abroad program enhances independence, increases language skills, and allows immersion in a different culture. Learn things about the world—and about yourself—that you never dreamt possible..

...In a high speed world, people can cross continents with the click of a mouse. The challenge for many becomes finding a way to travel with purpose—to see the world and return home with the satisfaction of having contributed to a local community and experienced a new culture as no tourist can.

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IST Plus was formed in 2003. Since then we have worked with thousands of students and young people from all over the world to help and guide them on their international journeys.
We work with partners across the globe to provide the best service possible.


In the UK: 0207 788 7877
International: +44 (20) 7788 7877


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