Teach in Thailand

Teach in Thailand

About the Programme

Teach in Thailand to meet the locals that will show you the Thailand behind the news stories. Travel to work on a speeding tuk-tuk, be dazzled by downtown Bangkok, meet the keepers of ancient temples, and become part of your school community. The IST Plus Teach in Thailand programme places individuals just like you in paid semester or year positions teaching English in Thailand at primary or secondary schools in urban, town, or rural locations. Anywhere you teach in Thailand, you will have the opportunity to learn Thai customs, share your own way of life, and have new experiences that make it impossible to take even the smallest things for granted.

Teach in Thailand—spend five or ten months as the lead classroom teacher in classrooms of any age group. Thailand is not known as ‘the land of smiles’ for nothing; come meet the locals that will immerse you in Thailand beyond the guidebook.

As an IST Plus participant, you'll have an opportunity to fulfil the role as a highly respected English teacher within the Thai educational system. Being a teacher is an impressive accolade, no matter what path you choose to travel. Whether your future plans include continued travel, going back to education, or diving into a highly competitive workforce, exercising your communication and people skills internationally in Thailand is sure to boost your credentials and prospects.

...Go beyond the guidebook by living amongst the Thai people.
You can’t go wrong in a country famous for smiles, goodwill, a quiet pace of life, beautiful landscapes, and amazing food! Anywhere you teach in Thailand, you will have the opportunity to learn Thai customs, share your own way of life, and have new experiences that make it impossible to take even the smallest things for granted.



You do not have to be a teacher with extensive international experience to apply! Whether your degree was art history, zoology, or anything in between; if you have a good attitude and solid work ethic, your academic background will serve you well in the classroom—this time from the teacher’s side of the desk.

Our partner Thai schools are looking for well-rounded applicants who are independent, adventurous, and who adapt well to new situations. Participants must be able to expect the unexpected and thrive in a changing environment! It’s essential that participants are self-motivated, responsible, and recognise that their first priority is to their school and their teaching assignment.
110% commitment to the program is essential.

Basic Eligibility Requirements
Bachelor’s degree in any subject
Native English Speaker
Teaching experience or TEFL certification preferred but not required

Desirable Experience
Teaching experience, community involvement, sense of volunteerism, experiences instructing children (eg summer camp counselor) and/or similar experiences preferred
Experience studying, working, or volunteering abroad
Degree in English or Education

Job Description

As the lead classroom teacher your goal will be to improve the conversational English skills of your students. Through creative classroom exercises and educational games, your native English abilities and cultural savvy will improve the verbal competence of your Thai students.

Your participation on the Teach in Thailand program will help to support English language education for Thai students. As a foreign teacher you’ll be promoting a healthy exchange of cultures and empathy for Thai students, teachers, and the greater community all while gaining awareness of Thai people, culture, and language through this unique immersion experience.

Occasionally, positions are open to teach other subjects such as Maths, Science, Technology, Computers, Social Studies, and PE. Candidates with educational backgrounds in these areas are encouraged to note on the application that they are willing to teach subjects other than English. These classes are still conducted in English, usually pay a higher salary (up to 8,000 baht/month more), and classes are smaller than normal English classes.

Participants will teach English to students of all ages; most assignments are at the secondary level (grades 7-12) but there are often openings teaching kindergarten and primary aged learners as well as at some Thai Universities.

A typical teaching load is 22 classes per week, depending on the school. In addition to actual time spent in the classroom, participants are expected to devote time to class planning, presentations, faculty meetings, and a modicum of extra-curricular activities. Participants should assume a 35-40 work week.

Schools and Location
Positions are available at both private and government schools in areas all around Thailand but a significant number of our partner schools are located in the Bangkok vicinity, and central and northern provinces of Thailand. We do not place anyone in the southern provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani, Yala, Satun, and Songkhla.

You can request placement at a particular level and preferred location, though placements are driven by the demand for English-speaking teachers and the requirements of each host institution, so IST Plus cannot guarantee that all requests will be honored.


How Much do you get Paid?

Earning at least 25,000 baht per month, IST Plus Teach in Thailand participants have a high standard of living while in Thailand.

Host institutions provide comfortable accommodations and the cost of living in Thailand is very low. The salary may not seem particularly high by Western terms, but it is generous in local terms—about twice what local teachers earn—and wages can easily finance independent travel after the semester.

Applicants with degrees in science, maths, technology, or social studies may be offered the opportunity to teach an additional subject (in English). Those with the background and interest to teach Science, Maths, or Technology, sometimes even social studies or PE, may earn up to an additional 8,000 Baht per month.

Orientation Week

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It's not all work work work!

All participants take an active part in a weeklong orientation program in Bangkok conducted by our partner in Thailand, the Overseas Educational Group (OEG).

OEG is a reputable educational organisation in Thailand with whom we have partnered for many years.

During this week you will get to know the local OEG staff well and build a relationship with their support network that is available to you throughout your time in Thailand. OEG can help you solve everyday problems while at school, work your way through cultural issues, or even provide travel advice for your weekend destinations. In case of emergency, they are also there for you.

Your new friends at OEG are only part of it—wait until you meet your fellow Teachers—all embarking on similar adventures at your side! During the week, relationships are forged , travel plans made, and visits promised. You will leave for your teaching placement with connections throughout Thailand!

Orientation Highlights

Airport pick up on designated arrival date and time in Bangkok
Classes on TEFL theory and practice, language training, and local culture
Accommodations and most meals
Sightseeing trips
Transportation from orientation to your host institution



  • 5 Month Programme: £990
  • £175 Deposit required at time of application
  • Pariticipants are responsible for organising their own flights and insurance - you can do this through our preferred partners here
  • 10 Month Programme: £950
  • £175 Deposit required at time of application
  • Pariticipants are responsible for organising their own flights and insurance - you can do this through our preferred partners here

What's Included?

  • Placement in a Thai primary or secondary school
  • Transfer to and Free accommodation provided by the school
  • Good local salary (at least 25,000 baht per month)
  • Accommodation provided by your school
  • Week-long residential training and orientation session in Bangkok and the resort of Kanchanaburi before teaching starts
  • On-going support and 24/7 emergency help from our Thai partner, Overseas Education Group (OEG)
  • TEFL qualification upon completion of the contract
  • Pre-departure Support and advice from our expert team


Participants are responsible for organising their own travel to and from Thailand.
We reccommend our Travel Team for the best deals.

Dates and Deadlines

There are two departure dates each year:


Departure: 1st week of May
Deadline for Applications: 15th March
Participants must arrive in Bangkok for the start of orientation


Departure: Mid October
Deadline for Applications: 1st September
Participants must arrive in Bangkok for the start of orientation

Getting the Visa

Before you go, it will be necessary to obtain a single entry non-immigrant B visa for Thailand. This is your entry permit and will be required before you travel to Thailand. You will have to fill out the proper forms that are available online (we will provide links and information on this), get a police background clearance check, and send them with your passport to the visa processing agent. Your processed passport will be returned to you pre-departure.

After you arrive at your Thai school, your institution will coordinate all legal documentation associated with working in Thailand and assist with obtaining the correct paperwork which will be your work permit.

Staying legal in Thailand is very important! In-country staff will update you on what you need to do to maintain your visa status while in Thailand and what you need to do if you exit and re-enter.

Note: Due to Thai visa processing constraints, it will be necessary for you to submit your passport and supporting documents for processing approximately six weeks prior to the programme start date. You should not have plans to use your passport between this date and your departure for Thailand.


To start the application process just get in touch with the team and we'll get things moving for you. We're also there to answer any questions you may have before during and after the process!

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