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New Participant Stories Brochure

Our colleagues at CIEE in the USA have put together a brochure of real life stories from J1 participants - it's well worth a look and showcases some amazing experiences from our students!
*It's a 5.4mb file so might take a few seconds to load - please be patient!

J1 Visa Programmes to the USA - an Overview

New Applications and ONLINE DS-7002 Training Plan

The US Government recently introduced a new system for the DS-7002 Training Plan (the document all US Companies complete for the international Interns and Trainees).
The system has moved from the old style PDF form to a completely online process. This means that we are now unable to accept paper copies of this form.
We've put together a quick video on each of our programme pages to explain this for participants - but we thought it was a good idea to have it here for you as well!

This video is also available on the "How to Apply" Section of:

You can download the NEW Participant Applications here:

A quick guide to the J1 Visa (Intern and Trainee Category)

For new members of staff (or for those who need a refresher on the J1 Programmes) we have a useful slide presentation available.
Just drop us an email if you'd like the powerpoint sent through to you - you can also download this as a PDF file below.

Changes to Summer Work and Travel USA regulations

Summer Work and Travel – All applicants must now have a job BEFORE they apply – this is in response to the number of students travelling without jobs and then not properly approving jobs before they start work.
As such this means all applications will need to be submitted by April 1st to allow time for the appropriate vetting.

Summer Camp in the USA - Accepting applications now

Summer Camp jobs – Our summer camp programme continues to grow and the feedback from our participants is amazing.
We are committed to remaining competitive and will be offering significant discounts to the fee - which covers placement at some of the best camps in America, sponsorship, SEVIS and insurance.

We are looking for new opportunities to share our programme with students and would welcome any assistance.

Teach and Volunteer Programmes

For recent graduates looking for an experience before they start on their career path – this is a great opportunity to experience a different culture and do something rewarding – we now offer an October departure for Thailand as well as the traditional May departures.

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