Participants currently in the USA should contact CIEE on 1-888-268-6245
Applicants in the UK should email or use the contact form on this page
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On the evening of June 22nd 2020, President Trump placed a ban on many visa programmes to the USA for the rest of 2020. We will be releasing a statement on how this impacts our programmes in the afternoon of Wednesday June 24th.

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Covid-19 - Visa Services and Restrictions

Update: 16 June, 2020

For the latest updates from the US Embassy please regularly check their Coronavirus Update Page

In response to significant worldwide challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of State continues to ...

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10th June 2020

We know how frustrating and disappointing the last few months have been for everyone who was hoping to travel to the USA and elsewhere.

Our teams at IST Plus and CIEE on both sides of the Atlantic have been working non-stop, helping students who are in the USA, as well as doing our best to help those who had been planning on travelling to the States.

Along ...

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Please read this if you have not yet travelled to the USA or have cancelled your programme and have received an email to register in SEVIS

Update 19th May 2020:

We have learned that some participants whose programmes to the USA have been delayed due to the current pandemic are receiving automated emails from SEVIS to register. We have checked with ...


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