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10th June 2020

We know how frustrating and disappointing the last few months have been for everyone who was hoping to travel to the USA and elsewhere.

Our teams at IST Plus and CIEE on both sides of the Atlantic have been working non-stop, helping students who are in the USA, as well as doing our best to help those who had been planning on travelling to the States.

Along with everyone else, we've been working from our homes, trying to keep up with daily events and looking after our families and children during the pandemic - while doing our very best to keep in communication with you and respond to your questions and queries.

With embassies still closed, lockdowns still in place and no international travel, many of you have not been able to take up your offers of internships, traineeships and summer placements in the USA.

We are truly sorry this has happened and wish we could make things different.

We really hope in the next few weeks and months, as restrictions are lifted and the world discovers a "new normal", that things will open up - we're expecting this to happen and look forward to helping you and the thousands of other students and young people from all over the world get the opportunities you've worked so hard for and deserve.

Until then, please stay safe and well and know we're still working on your behalf.

Thankyou. The IST Plus Team