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Update 15th April 2020

For the latest updates from the US Embassy please regularly check their Coronavirus Update Page There continues to be a pause on all visa interviews at US Embassies globally.

  1. If you had an interview booked at the embassy or consulate, you should have received an email from them informing you of its cancellation. Please check your emails regularly, as well as the embassy interview booking site for regular updates and information direct from them.
  2. If you have not yet booked an interview, you will need to check the embassy information on a regular basis
  3. We expect there to be significant delays at embassies worldwide once they re-open due to the number of participants who were due to have their interviews in March April and May + it is likely there will be social distancing rules in place which will mean fewer people each day will be able to attend an interview

CIEE has been liaising with Host Companies in the US to keep them informed - once the present restrictions are lifted they will work with them to allow for new dates to be entered in the system.

  1. If you have already received your visa, it is likely we will need to send you new documentation to travel with, showing a change in your official dates
  2. If you have not yet attended your interview, you will need to have this new documentation before your interview so you can take this in place of the originals we sent you
  3. If your application has not yet been approved, CIEE will work with your hosts during the process to confirm new dates
  4. If we have not yet been able to submit your application, we will (once the restrictions are lifted and everyone has a better idea of when things can restart) likely unlock your training plan to allow your hosts to revise the dates to a later dates in the summer

Please make sure you stay in regular contact with your host company supervisors - and remember it is very likely they are also working from home at this time so please be patient for a response.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page. We are unable to respond to phone calls regarding individual applications at this time and will respond via email within 2-3 working days

Many thanks, The IST Plus Infoteam