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Update 13th May 2020 For the latest updates from the US Embassy please regularly check their Coronavirus Update Page

Due to the continued ban on international travel, and the pause on J1 programmes until at least June 10th 2020, all participants with start dates in March, April and May are advised to liaise directly with their Host Company supervisors in the USA. In many cases, your host company will want to change your dates to later this summer - and once restrictions are eased, CIEE will work with them to enter new dates.

US Embassies are still closed across the world and no interviews have taken place since March 17th. We hope that in the coming weeks, we will receive more information on when we can expect to see the embassies re-opening - however once they do re-open, it is likely there will be significant wait times for embassy interviews, as there willl be a backlog due o the number of people who have had these cancelled. It is also likely that dues to social distancing measures, the embassies will not be able to accommodate the same volume of people inside waiting for interviews. As such we expect this will add to the delays.

Due to the heightened impact of COVID 19 on tourism and hospitality businesses and sectors across the world (and at the request of the US Government), there is still a pause on processing and finalising applications for internships and traineeships in these sectors.

  1. There is still a travel ban on international travel to the US from all European countries (including the UK) for non US Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents.
  2. In addition, the UK Government still has a ban on all non-essential international travel.

Over the next month, we exepct to see movemnt on all these issues, but at present, please maintain your social distancing, stay in touch with your Host Company, and if you have any questions please contact us using the form below. Our teams are working from their homes at present, so please allow up to 2-3 days for a response.

Many thanks, The IST Plus Infoteam