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A Step by Step Guide to completing your online Beacon Application

  1. Register your details on our website - please avoid using hotmail as a contact address where possible, or if you do, pleae make sure you check junk and spam for messaged from istplus.com and ciee.org
  2. Our team will then enter your details and create an account for you in the BEACON system.
  3. You will then be able to log into your online account, set a password and start entering your details.
  4. The first thing you should do is invite your US Supervisor to start the process for you - plerase make sure you want ch the video for this - you can also see detailsed instructions on your programme page - see Internship USA, Graduate Internship USA and Career Training USA.
  5. Make sure you have downloaded your supporting documents form your relevant programme page listed above - you'll need to upload these into your online account
  6. Once all fields have been completed (including your passport ID page and Profile picture) you will be able to sign off on your side of the application.

You must make sure you have entered your programme dates in the required section on your online DS-7002 training plan before you sign this. There will be an additional charge should we need to revise and enter these dates on your have signed off on your online DS-7002 Training Plan. You can see comprehensive instructions on this on your relevant programme page (listed above) under Costs

Please note: Only once both your part of the application AND the online training plan have been signed off will we be able to review your application. In order for us to do so, you must email apply@istplus.com to confirm your application is ready to review and move forward. Without this we will not review your application