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Please read this if you have not yet travelled to the USA or have cancelled your programme and have received an email to register in SEVIS

Update 19th May 2020:

We have learned that some participants whose programmes to the USA have been delayed due to the current pandemic are receiving automated emails from SEVIS to register. We have checked with your legal sponsor (CIEE) who have told us this is down to a mistake in the system so PLEASE IGNORE THESE

Participants whose dates have been delayed have had their dates moved to avoid any issues in SEVIS, but some of these emails are still going out based on original travel dates.

All programmes to the US are currently delayed to at least June 10th In addition to this, as a result of the heightened impact of the current pandemic on tourism and hospitality in the US, there is a further hold on all programmes in this sector

Host Companies in the US are aware of this, and CIEE has been contacting and working with them throughout.

Please make sure you stay in regular contact with your host Company Supervisor - once we are able to get things moving again it is highly likely you will need to agree new dates with them in order for us to be able to have new documents printed and shipped form the USA.

Stay safe and keep on Social Distancing!