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On May 4th 2021, the US Embassy in London and the US Consulate in Belfast resumed appointments for immigrant visas. The J1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa, and as such, appointment have not yet opened up for these.

We're all waiting anxiously for J1 appointments to reopen, and for visas to start being processed again. Things are moving in the right direction, and US Embassies around the world are working extremely hard to get things moving again after over a year of closures due to the COVID pandemic.

The UK vaccine roll out is moving ahead rapidly, and the US are hoping to meet a goal of at least partly vaccinating 70 percent of adults by Independence Day (July 4th 2021).

At present though, we still don't have a date for when the Embassy in London or the Consulate in Belfast will be resuming nonimmigrant visa appointments . Things are definitely moving in the right direction and we hope it will be in the coming weeks. We are checking almost hourly (as you can imagine, we're as impatient for these to get moving again as you are).

Please keep checking the US Consular Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/USAinUKConsular (there's a link to this on the side of this page) and also Section 2 of their FAQs page here

We'll update our News pages as soon as we receive further information.

For those of you who have already been approved and received your legal documentation from us, please keep checking the above links and report back as soon as you get an appointment. If Embassy delays and closures will result in a delay to your start dates as listed on your Certificate of Insurance, you must contact our team ASAP - either via direct email to your specific team member or via info@istplus.com

Many thanks, The IST Plus InfoTeam

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