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In the UK, the relaxation of some COVID related restrictions is to be welcomed - but we all need to continue to make sure we maintain social distancing and stick to the guidelines!

At the moment, travel bans remain both into and out of the UK and the USA. Recent news reports suggest the UK Government will be looking at implementing a "traffic light" system in the next few weeks, where high risk countries are red, low risk countries are assigned a green flag etc. Given the ongoing success of the vaccine roll-out in both the US and the UK we're hopeful that travel between these two countries will be able to resume in the run up to the summer months.

We're still waiting on confirmation from the US Embassy as to when they will be re-starting normal visa interviews so please keep checking our News pages (and the embassy twitter feed linked to at the side of this page) for the latest updates and information.

We'll post any news here as soon as we get it!

Thank you!