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15th November 2021

Updated 30 November 2021

The US Embassy in London and the Belfast Consulate are now accepting and processing visa applications for J1 Intern, Trainee and Work and Travel.

Whilse some people were able to book and attend an interview at their local embassy, we are hearing from many participants that once they have completed their DS-160 and created an account on the embassy booking website (and paid the MRV fee), they are being directed to send in their documents via the US Embassy secure courier service.

The embassy will review their documents and then advise accordingly.

If this applies to you, please make sure you read the information you receive via email from the embassy clearly and follow their guidance exactly.
We do not know at this time exactly what the new process is, as there has been no official announcement or guidance - however we are waiting on further reports.

We will update this information as we receive updates.

Photo by Luke Michael on Unsplash