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May 19th 2021

Amidst all the setbacks, delays and disappointment of the past 15 months, the one big success story has been the rapid development and rollout of effective vaccines against the coronavirus.

As we look towards the next few months and the opening up of international travel, it is increasingly likely that vaccines will play a large part in your ability to travel freely - and to take part in activities here in the UK.

It's expected that sometime next month, vaccines will be made available to all over 18s in the UK. While we completely appreciate this will be a personal choice, we want you to be aware of why this will be so important if you're looking to travel beyond these shores - and specifically to the USA!

  • Many US Companies will not allow unvaccinated people into their offices
  • Quarantine requirements will likely be very different for those who can prove they are protected against the virus
  • In hospitality settings, it is to be expected that many US Companies will not accept participants who have not been vaccinated

While vaccines do not 100% protect you from getting the virus, they do massively reduce the likelihood of you getting seriously ill and requiring hospital treatment. They also hugely reduce the risk of you transmitting it to those around you - whether that be your friends, family or co-workers.

By getting vaccinated, you are helping to make sure we protect those around us - some of whom may not be able to have the vaccine for specific medical reasons.

It may well be that being vaccinated becomes a requirement of these programmmes in the future - so please, if you have the chance to get the jab, please do so.

Remember - with the vast majority of vaccines in the UK requiring 2 doses, you only have maximum protection 2 weeks after your 2nd dose. With a recommended wait times of 8 weeks between doses, that means you should plan on having your 1st dose at least 10 weeks prior to any intended arrival in the USA.

We're all hoping things will start to get back to normal in the coming months, and will be updating our News Pages as soon as new updates come in.

Thankyou. The IST Plus InfoTeam

Photo by CDC on Unsplash