Upload Your Application

You can upload your application straight to our team here.

Please make sure you upload your application (including any additional pages such as passport copy, univeristy page etc) as a SINGLE PDF File.
Any other files will be rejected and will not come through to us.

Putting your application together as a SINGLE PDF

This can be confusing if you don't have expensive software - but there's a great FREE service we use called SMALLPDF.
It allows you to change jpegs into pdf and also to put together multiple PDFs into one single file!
It ALSO lets you make the file size smaller if it's too large!
We recommend using this if you're having problems!

Final Checks

Have you checked your dates on the top page - do your DS-2019 dates on the top page match the dates agreed with your Host Company in the USA? ×
Have you included a copy of your passport ID page? ×
Fill out my online form.

Having Problems?

Remember you can also email your application (make sure to make it a single PDF file no larger than 5mb) straight to the team - details are on the top page of your application.

Alternatively you can send it via regular post to the address listed at the bottom of this page

Have you signed everything?

There are various parts of the application that need your signature - if you haven't done this we'll have to send it all back to you so please check!

Read this if you're using a Mac!

If you've completed your application using Mac Preview you need to make sure you "print to PDF" and send that version of your application.
Adobe files completed using Mac preview don't show up well on Windows machines and other systems running official Adobe software!

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