Programme Fees - Career Training USA

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Remember - the fees cover the time you are actually IN the USA- not just the time you spend at your Internship.
You are allowed to apply to arrive in the USA up to 30 days before your official internship start date and apply to remain in the US for up to 30 days after your internship finishes but you will need to apply for this on the application and pay for the additional time in the USA

For example, if you are have a 12 month internship, but plan to fly out the week before AND stay the max 30 days after, this will mean a 14 month programme.

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*Please note all programme fees are in UK Sterling (Pounds).
**Legal documents requiring Shipping outside the UK or Ireland will be charged accordingly. You will be able to choose between UK Royal Mail international Delivery (where available for your country) or UPS International Courier.

As you're on a mobile device please rotate your screen to see the fees in full - or swipe along the table below

Medical Insurance provided + COVID Cover

You're covered for the whole time you're in the USA - click on the + icon to see details

We all know the events of the past year have made everyone cautious about travel - but we've got you covered. As long as you're double jabbed, if you fall ill due to COVID while in the US, you'll be covered by the CIEE insurance policy

If you have any questions about your Insurance Plan or coverage while in the USA please call CIEE at 1-888-268-6245 or email

Your insurance policy provides extensive coverage against typical risks to international travelers, such as accidents, sudden illnesses and more. Since it is a travel insurance policy for a temporary stay abroad, some limitations and exclusions apply. As a general rule, most accidents and sudden illnesses are covered. The plan does not cover routine doctor visits, regular dental treatment, or any treatment for pre-existing conditions.

All exchange visitors may be subject to the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

Your dates of insurance coverage are stated on the document “Confirmation of Insurance” that you received with your DS-2019 form. Please read this document thoroughly to understand the period of time you are covered. Insurance coverage ends on the termination date listed on this form or when the participant withdraws from the program or when he/she is being dismissed from the program.

It is usual in the US when you seek medical treatment for patients to pay a small portion of their medical bills out of their own pockets. This is called a co-pay. When you seek medical treatment, you will be responsible to pay this co-pay at the time of your visit. The co-pay amounts for this plan are:

$20-Urgent Care Facility
$20-Per Medication
$50-Doctor or Specialist
$100-Emergency Room (ER) and Inpatient Hospitalization

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Dates in the USA OUTSIDE your Training Dates

You do not automatically qualify for time in the USA before or after your training dates. You MUST apply for this time as part of your application (see Program Dates above).
Under NO circumstances will we be able to extend your program dates in the USA for the purposes of tourism and travel AFTER you have travelled to the USA so should you wish to do so please make sure you apply for this on your application before you sign your training plan

You must make sure these are entered into your online training plan before you sign! Without these dates we are unable to review or start the process for you.
Your PROGRAM END DATE MUST BE AFTER YOUR TRAINING END DATE or we will not be able to submit your application.

*It's very important you choose the total dates you want to be in the USA . Once you have been approved and legal documents printed and shipped from the US, there will be a charge of at least £50 + any additional month charge for any changes.

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Any changes in Program dates or if we are required to contact you for these AFTER you have signed your application will incur additional fees of £25 + any additional monthly cost.

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If you sign your training plan without entering your intended travel dates (Program Dates on the application), you must immediately email our team at

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Changing your internship dates AFTER your legal documents (DS-2019) have been issued.

If you will be delayed in entering the USA you must inform us at least 7 days before your intended arrival date. It is your responsibility to notify us of any changes or delays.

There will be an additional charge of £50 + the cost of any additional months in the USA for new documents after your DS-2019 has been issued.

  • Where your DS-2019 has been issued but you have not yet attended an interview at your local embassy, we will be able to apply for new documentation from the US. This will only be authorised with the agreement on new dates from your US Host Company
  • Where your Visa has been issued - we will request new documentation from the US with new dates (these will need to be approved by your US Host Company). You will need to travel to the US with other your original DS-2019 Certificate and your revised version in your Hand luggage
  • Once you have travelled to the USA, we will not be able to change the dates of your internship without a full extension application - this is very expensive so we strongly recommend changing dates before you arrive in the USA

Important: You will not be able to change the dates you are allowed to undertake your training after you have arrived in the USA.

  • We will only be able to review and change these if you inform us at least 7 days before your arrival in the USA.
  • As above, it is VITAL you keep us up to date with travel plans and any delays to your programme

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Work out your Total time in the USA

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Cancellation Policies

There is a sliding scale of non-refundable charges based on the time you cancel your programme.
Please read these carefully.

  • After Applicaiton received and submitted to CIEE: £200
  • After application received and Application approved/ DS-2019 printed: £550
  • There will be no refunds after your visa has been approved by the US Embassy or Consulate Important
  • Please note there will be no refunds if you cancel OR withdraw form the programme AFTER the LISTED DATE of DEPARTURE on your application or you have travelled to the USA - if you are unable to travel to the USA you MUST inform us prior to your programme start date/ listed date of departure. Important
  • In case of visa refusal at embassy participants will be refunded programme fees minus £250 (this includes the non refundable SEVIS fee).
  • It is VITAL you inform IST Plus via email providing details of the refusal and also if possible provide a copy of the paperwork the embassy gives you showing the reason for the Visa denial. Important
  • On the rare occasion that an application is refused sponsorship there will be a non refundable application fee of £200. If legal sponsorship is refused AFTER a Site Visit has taken place in the USA the non refundable fees will be £350.