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Be Part of an American Tradition

This summer, work at an American summer camp with CIEE’s Camp Exchange USA! As a camp counselor on CIEE’s Camp Exchange USA program, you will spend up to ten weeks in the great outdoors, gaining new skills, learning to be a leader and experiential educator, and making friendships that last a lifetime. Plus, you will have 30 days following the camp experience to travel the country, taking in the sights, sounds, and tastes that make America unique!

make a difference

With Camp Exchange USA, you will spend up to ten weeks at camp this summer discovering what it means to be a leader and educator—teaching others to uncover their personal strengths and passions and helping them to develop new talents—all while getting back to nature, learning about life in America, and gaining important skills of your own in the process.

Do you have what it takes to be a Role Model at Summer Camp?

Are you:

*Energetic, fun loving and happy in a highly active environment?

*Flexible, dependable and reliable?

*Respectful of others and their cultures

*Skilled at leadership and working with others?

Then Camp Exchange USA may be right for you!

How to Apply


Just picture it: horseback riding, rock climbing, and sailing all in the same day. Staying up late telling ghost stories with campers by the campfire. Hiking to a private lake nestled in the woods.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of kids ages five to 17 attend summer camp at the thousands of camps located in rural areas across the U.S. The specific activities may vary from camp to camp, but an atmosphere of fun, friendship, and discovery stays the same. Whether the campers attend for one week or eight, campers and counselors alike have the chance to try new activities each day, learn important skills individually and as a group, and make friendships that last a lifetime.


The majority of placements are in traditional camps—which can be co-ed or serve only female or male campers—where many different activities are offered, from arts and crafts to archery. For many families, it’s a long-held tradition for children to attend the same summer camp their siblings, parents, or even grandparents did when they were young, creating a unique and close community atmosphere.

Here are just a few of the other types of camps in the U.S. that you may be placed in:

These camps are affiliated with a social or advocacy agency that assists with funding. Many serve co-ed campers—from all walks of life—in the same facility, on separate campuses, or through different sessions for boys and girls. These camps can range from very rustic to traditional in their cabins and buildings. Many agency camps appear to be similar to private camps, but often follow a mission aligned with the affiliated agency.

Girl Scout:
These camps only serve female campers and are often run in one- to two-week sessions throughout the course of the summer. Girl Scout camps are generally focused on building wilderness skills and participating in “outdoorsy” activities. Most Girl Scout camps use primitive tent cabins for their housing.

These camps—run or sponsored by outside community groups—often serve low-income campers from inner cities or extremely rural backgrounds. These camps are often quite rustic in nature as they are dependent on philanthropic organizations and other groups for funding.

Religious Affiliated:
Most of these camps are affiliated with either the Christian or Jewish faiths and incorporate both religious and non-religious activities. The emphasis on religion varies greatly from camp to camp.

These camps focus on a particular sport or activity like horseback riding, sailing, or theater. Specialty camps may also serve specific populations such as campers who have ADHD or have suffered a loss.

Special Needs:
These camps serve campers with one or more disabilities including those who are emotionally, mentally, or physically disabled. Specialty needs camps often offer the most challenging camp experience, yet can be the most rewarding. Many of these camps serve more than one type of disability, serving campers with a range of mental and physical disabilities during one session or specializing in one disability each session.

When you choose to work at a summer camp, you are dedicating yourself to up to nine weeks of fun and hard work as you strive to ensure campers have an engaging and valuable summer camp experience.

During your time in the U.S., your camp will be your home away from home—where you eat, sleep, work, and relax—alongside your assigned group of campers or with your peers. You will generally have one day off a week, which offers a chance to leave camp grounds and explore the local community. But don’t worry about missing out on any of the fascinating sights and exciting activities that America has to offer. You will have lots more time to explore the U.S. after the camp experience.

Each day at camp will be a little different, but will always be full of new experiences and challenges. The hours are long, but rewarding, as you make lifelong friendships, gain real-world work experience, and make a difference in campers’ lives.

A Typical Day at Camp

  • 7am: WAKE UP
  • 7:30am: BREAKFAST
  • 12pm: LUNCH
  • 1pm: REST HOUR!
  • 3:15pm: SNACK TIME
  • 6pm: DINNER


  • Be an educator, mentor, and leader to a group of kids for up to nine weeks
  • Develop important skills
  • Gain critical work experience in the education field

As a camp counselor, you will be placed in one of two roles:

  • Cabin Counselor—whether you are helping campers write an email home to their parents or checking in to see how bunkmates are getting along, you will be the children’s activity master, supervisor, cheerleader, and source of guidance throughout the program.
  • Activity Specialist—you will guide campers through a specific activity each day. Depending on the camp, activities range from ceramics to music lessons to waterskiing to specialties such as dance or skateboarding.

No matter which role you choose, you will be an ambassador for your country, discover America through one of its most unique traditions, and develop skills like critical thinking and leadership that will serve you throughout life.

How Much does it Cost?

The fees depend on which programme you choose:

  • If you'd like to apply for a summer job at Camp through us choose Placement
  • If you already have a summer camp job lined up choose Self Placed
  • If you're returning to the same camp choose Returners



Self Placed




US Embassy Interviews

Once your application has been fully approved and processed in the USA, you will receive your legal paperwork from us (this normally happen approximately 5 working days after approval)

You'll then be able to go online and start the process of booking your face to face interview at the US Embassy.

What People are Saying

"SUMMER CAMP EXCHANGE IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY to work with American people and learn something new. The journey was incredible!"

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