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Up to 18 months experience at a US Host Company
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Go International

Experience in another country is one of the smartest career moves you can make. Not only will you gain real-world skills that will serve you throughout your career, but you will also get valuable firsthand insight into American culture and business practices. Along the way, you will share ideas with colleagues, make important new business connections, and build lifelong friendships.

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In order to start the process you will need to register for an online account.
Please make sure you read the instructions carefully and also download your Supporting Documents

Eligibility for Career Training USA

In order to apply for Career Training USA you must meet the following criteria
  • You must be over 18
  • You must have a degree and at least one years' full time experience in your a field directly related to your traineeship outside the USA - preferably AFTER university level studies.
  • If you do not have a degree in this field you should be able to show at least 5 years full time experience in a field directly related to your traineeship in order to qualify for the programme.
  • If you have previously undertaken a J1 Traineeship in the USA you must wait at least 2 years from the expiry of your previous visa before you can start another programme Important
  • You must either be a UK national OR a foreign national presently living in the UK (UK nationals living abroad are also welcome to apply). **If you do not meet either of the above criteria please contact us via email (details at the bottom of this page) and we will guide you to the appropriate contact.

If you have questions regarding your eligibility for the programme, please contact our team

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Key Points

  • The Career Training USA Programme allows you to go to the USA for up to 18 months* at a US Host Company. The position must be in a field directly related to your experience *Positions in tourism, hospitality or agriculture are normally restricted to 12 months - please contact us for details if this applies to you.
  • You can take either paid OR unpaid positions. If you are going on an unpaid placement you will need to provide proof of access to at least $1500/ month for the duration of your time in the USA - full information can be found on the application form
  • You must secure a placement with a US Organisation before applying for the programme.
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Medical Insurance provided + COVID Cover

You're covered for the whole time you're in the USA

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How Much Does it Cost?

The Fees depend on the length of time you will be in the USA.
See Fees and Inclusions for detailed information

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Allowed Training Activities

While most activities are allowed under the J1 Trainee Programme, there are some that are prohibited under the program guidelines - such as coaching, care of children etc.

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Unpaid Traineeships DO need a visa!

Even if you are planning on undertaking a short term unpaid experience in the USA you will need to apply for the J1 Trainee Programme. Under no circumstances are you allowed to use a Visa Waiver or tourist visa with the intention of undertaking any form of work placement - even unpaid.

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Passport Requirements

In order to enter the USA on a J1 Visa Programme you must have a passport that is valid for AT LEAST 6 months AFTER the end date of your internship or traineeship.
Please make sure your passport meets these requirements. If not your application will be subject to delays as your legal paperwork (the DS-2019) can NOT be issued without a passport that meets these criteria.

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Embassy Interviews

Once the application is complete and approved, you will need to book a face to face interview at your local US Embassy or Consulate

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Host Organisation Eligibilty

Your Host Organisation (US employer) must provide structured and practical training while abiding by some key program regulations.

Your Host Organisation (US employer) must provide structured and practical training while abiding by some key program regulations.

  • J1 Participants are NOT allowed to work in a Home based office (i.e. a residential location).
  • The Host Organisation should ensure that the DS-7002 Training Plan is followed for the duration of the programme.
  • There must be a match between your background and the training.
  • Upon completion of the programme, you should plan to return to your home country.
  • The programme is not intended to help organisations fill staffing needs.
  • The training plan should reflect an understanding of what you will be learning, not only the needs of the business.
  • Your US Host Organisation must have Workers Compensation (or equivalent) insurance that will cover you for the time you are with their organisation (exceptions apply - please contact us for details)
  • Any unskilled or clerical activity must be kept to a maximum of 20% of the entire training period.

Please note: The following types of Host Organisation/ activities are NOT eligible to host international interns or trainees.

  • Certain limited service/economy hotel properties
  • Most home offices
  • Programs in aviation/construction/building (where training is completed in those fields)
  • Fast food franchises
  • Single-location retailers
  • Spas
  • Gyms

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Latest News

05 May 2022

While travel to the USA is now back to normal levels, there are still significant delays in geting visa interviews in some countries.

  • All international travellers will need to prove they are fully vaccinated before boarding a flight (for UK this will mean at least 2 weeks past your second vaccination).
  • They will also require a negative Covid-19 test within 24 hours of departure for the USA
  • Embassies in London, Belfast and Dublin are for visa processing, but there are significant delays and new processes.
  • Embassies may request you send in your legal documents before being able to apply for a visa interview. If you are directed to do this, please follow their instructions carefully and do this as soon as possible! This is as a result of significant staff issues with international courier firms as well as Royal Mail for domestic UK deliveries