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Experience in another country is one of the smartest career moves you can make. Not only will you gain real-world skills that will serve you throughout your career, but you will also get valuable firsthand insight into American culture and business practices. Along the way, you will share ideas with colleagues, make important new business connections, and build lifelong friendships.

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This page will explain the entire process - from registering for an online account, through the application stages - to approval and booking your interview at your local embassy or consulate.

Get started on your application

Try to get your application in as early as possible!

Once you have successfully submitted your application for a J1 Visa Programme the process of gaining the legal sponsorship begins.

There are various stages to this - each is extremely important. Please note that at all times we must adhere to US government regulations governing the programme.

Please make sure you read all the information on this page to avoid delays and confusion during the application process.

Programme Fees

Remember - the fees cover the time you are actually IN the USA- not just the time you spend at your Host Company.
You are allowed to apply to arrive in the USA up to 30 days before your official internship start date and apply to remain in the US for up to 30 days after your traineeship finishes but you will need to apply for this on the application and pay for the additional time in the USA

For example, if you are have a 12 month traineeship, but plan to fly out the week before AND stay the max 30 days after, this will mean a 14 month programme.

Please note: The Fees for any J2 spouse or dependent applications will be in addition to the costs shown below. See J2s for information

*Please note all programme fees are in UK Sterling (Pounds).
**Legal documents requiring Shipping outside the UK or Ireland will be charged accordingly. You will be able to choose between UK Royal Mail international Delivery (where available for your country) or UPS International Courier.

US Embassy Interviews

Booking and attending your visa interview

*Please note this information relates to interviews booked at either the US Embassy in London, the US Consulate General in Belfast or the US Embassy in Dublin. If you are planning on attending an interview in a different country please refer to the local instructions for your location embassy. You can see a full list of websites of U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and Diplomatic Missions at https://www.usembassy.gov/ . Information on this page regarding the DS-160 and booking systems however are similar across countries - as is the list of documents required for interview.

Where to find your SEVIS ID?
Once approved, your SEVIS ID is listed as your DS2019 Number on the top left of your online account.

It will also be show on the top right of your DS2019 Certificate and starts with an N00