Does your US Company require a Site Visit?

Some companies may require a site visit in order for your application to be approved. This is a legal requirement in order to verify the details of the activities, as well as make sure it is a safe and secure work environment in which to place you.

How do we decide who needs a Site Visit?

As a Designated Department of State Sponsor, CIEE will need to conduct site visits of Host Organisations where the following applies:

  • Has NOT hosted a CIEE Intern/ Trainee in the past 3 years AND
  • Has LESS than 25 full time employees at location of internship or traineeship
  • Has LESS than 3 million US dollars in annual revenue
  • In some cases, if a Host Company has previously had a Site Visit but has sinced moved location we may be required to undertake a visit to the new premises.

How Much does it Cost?

The Fee for a Host company Site Visit is in addition to the normal programme fees

How long does it add to processing time?

As a general rule, a site visit will add an additional 2-3 weeks to the application processing time. During the visit, the representative will view and take photographs of the company environment, including the prospective intern/trainee’s workspace.
The Visit itself should take no more than an hour.

Guidelines on Home based offices

Under US State Department regulations we are unable to accept applications for Traineeships in "Home based office locations" - unless they meet certain strict criteria. Please contact us if you think this applies to you. In almost every circumstance however a Home Based office will be denied sponsorship unless it can show completely independent working areas with no access required through the home. This will include separate entrances and exits, separate bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Placement at multiple locations

If your internship or traineeship will be based at multiple locations it may be necessary to conduct a Site Visit at each location that does not meet the criteria. Please note these will be charged at the standard fee for each separate location

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