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About Internship USA

Specifically designed for those applicants who have recently finished university, Graduate Internship USA allows you to spend up to 12 months* in a US company as an intern.Not only will you gain real-world skills that will serve you throughout your career, but you will also get valuable firsthand insight into American culture and business practices. Along the way, you will share ideas with colleagues, make important new business connections, and build lifelong friendships.

If you want to go to the USA it will save you (and us) lots of time if you read as much as you can below about the J1 internship Programme before you apply, so you have an understanding of the entire process.

Eligibility - who can go on the programme?

In order to qualify for Graduate Internship USA you must meet the following conditions:

  • You must be over 18
  • You must be a recent graduate at degree level or equivalent.
  • Your Internship must be in a field directly related to your field of study at university
  • You must be studying in the UK Or a UK citizen studying abroad
  • Your Internship must start within 12 months of finishing full time study

Useful Information

What's Included?

  • Full Legal Sponsorship - in order to go to the US on a J1 Programme you need a "Designated Legal Sponsor". The Legal Sponsor is not only responsible for your presence in the USA but also for checking and verifying your application and your online Training Plan (DS-7002 - see below). They are also responsible for making sure you have support and a point of contact throughout your time in the USA
  • Insurance- ALL Participants are covered by insurance for the entire time they are in the USA (based on the dates given on an application)
  • Emergency support in the USA - 24/7 contact and assistance using a toll-free number from anywhere in the USA
  • Pre-departure online Orientation
  • Access to comprehensive online information and help on life in the USA
  • SEVIS Fees - SEVIS stands for Student and Exchange Visitor Information System. It's included in your fees! Once your application has been approved, we send you a SEVIS receipt along with your other documentation - you then take this to the embassy interview with you!

Important Information

Getting Started/ How to Apply

First Steps

  1. Secure your position with a US Host Company (employer)
  2. Download your participant application (see below)
  3. Complete the form on this page (see below) to start the DS-7002 Training Plan (you can do this at the same time as completing your own part of the application)
  4. Once your online DS-7002 has been completed and signed please submit YOUR part of the application.
  5. Once we have a completed online DS-7002 AND your completed Participant Application (including all payment) we will be able to review your application and start the process for you (see Sending your Application to Us)
  6. When your application is approved and you have received your legal documentation you will then be able to book and attend your face to face interview at the US Embassy for your J1 Visa

We need both the Online DS-7002 AND your part of the application completed in order to start the process for you

1: Please fill out the form to start the online DS-7002 (please also take a look at the video as this shows you the process)
2: Please download YOUR part of the application - you can work on this while the DS-7002 is being completed by your Host Company.

Only once we have both parts (the completed online DS-7002 AND your own completed application) can we review your application and move ahead.

You should wait until your online DS-7002 is completed before submitting your pdf Participant Application.

Without a completed online DS-7002 we are unable to review any part of your application - or your eligibility to undertake the internship!
You must also make sure the 4 dates on the top page of your Participant Application match exactly the dates on the online DS-7002.
Applications submitted without a completed online DS-7002 may face significant delays.

Is your Passport Valid for a J1 Visa Host Company Eligibility Info for smaller Host Companies

YOUR Part of the Application

  • Complete this application
  • Include a Copy of your Certificate or diploma. If you do not have this yet you must provide a letter on headed paper confirming your award Remember to include a copy of your Passport ID page - and any other supporting documents

Sending your Participant Application to IST Plus

The easiest and best way is to email your application to
Please make sure you send the completed application as a single PDF file no larger than 5 mb.
If you do not have the software on your computer to put together a pdf with your passport and other supporting documents we recommend

You can also upload your application via this website

Fill out my online form.

Fees - How Much does it Cost?

Remember - the fees cover the time you are actually IN the USA- not just the time you spend at your Internship. You are allowed to remain in the US for up to 30 days after your internship finishes but you will need to apply for this on the application and pay for the additional time in the USA
For example, if you are have a 12 month internship, but plan to fly out the week before AND stay the max 30 days after, this will mean a 14 month programme.

*Please note all programme fees are in UK Sterling (Pounds).
















Fee (£)















Please note fees include all sponsorship, legal documentation, 24/7 support in the US, medical and liability insurance for the duration of your time in the USA - as well as the US Government SEVIS fee. The fees do not include the visa interview fee (payable direct to the embassy when you book your face to face interview (currently $160 US dollars - see US Embassy Interviews).
***Should your US Host Company require a site visit there will be an additional charge of £200 for this - see "Host Company Site Visits"

Change of Dates once application has been approved and documents shipped: Once you have received your DS-2019, requests for new documentation as a result of new dates (or loss of documentation): £55 +cost of any additional month new dates may require
All prices subject to change

Fees Calculator

Remember to choose Graduate Internship USA from the Programme dropdown menu and to put the dates you plan on leaving for the USA and coming home - not the dates you plan to be at the internship.

• You're allowed to stay in the USA 30 days after your internship ends - but you must apply for these dates at the time of application - you won't be able to get them changed once you're in the USA.
We encourage you to use the online Fees calculator below to work out how much the programme will cost.

Please note all fees are in UK Pounds (GPB)

Important Information
Cancellation Charges - In case of cancellation your fees will be refunded MINUS the amounts shown below:

After application received: £200
After application received and DS-2019 printed: £385
Please note there will be no refunds if you cancel AFTER the LISTED DATE of DEPARTURE on your application or you have travelled to the USA - if you are unable to travel to the USA you MUST inform us prior to your programme start date/ listed date of departure.
In case of visa refusal at embassy participants will be refunded programme fees minus £250 (this includes the non refundable SEVIS fee).
It is VITAL you inform IST Plus via email providing details of the refusal and also if possible provide a copy of the paperwork the embassy gives you showing the reason for the Visa denial.
On the rare occasion that an application is refused sponsorship there will be a non refundable application fee of £200.
If legal sponsorship is refused AFTER a Site Visit has taken place in the USA the non refundable fees will be £350.

*All prices subject to change

US Embassy Interviews

Once your application has been fully approved and processed in the USA, you will receive your legal paperwork from us (this normally happen approximately 5 working days after approval)

You'll then be able to go online and start the process of booking your face to face interview at the US Embassy.

Getting Ready to travel/ Pre-flight Check

Once you have received your passport and visa (this is printed inside your passport) back from the US Embassy or Consulate, please check the details carefully.
Your Visa will normally be issued with an end date that matches the end date of your actual internship or traineeship - this is NOT necessarily the date you must depart the USA.
You will be allowed to remain in the USA until the end date as listed on your Certificate of Insurance. These details are also available to view on your online account.

What to take with you on the plane (these items MUST be in your hand luggage and with you at ALL times)
  • Your Passport!
  • Your DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility
  • Your Insurance Card (this is a pull off card on your Certificate of Insurance)
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