We take your privacy seriously

When you apply for one of our programmes or contact us, we do not share that information with third parties for any reason other than the processing of your application materials.

This includes:

  • Sending relevant information to our international partners to allow them to process an application for a programme
  • Sharing this information with the specific government departments of the country you intend to visit

We do not share your data with other companies for profit nor do we sell information on you.

In some cases, as part of the application process, we are required to contact your university or a previous employer to confirm details you have provided to us.

What happens after your programme has finished?

You have the right to request we delete your data from our (IST Plus) systems at any time. For reasons of national security certain information however will remain the property of the Government of the country you have visited. Each government is allowed to keep information of your visit on file - and this information is important should you choose to apply for another visa to that country in the future.

About Us

IST Plus was formed in 2003. Since then we have worked with thousands of students and young people from all over the world to help and guide them on their international journeys.
We work with partners across the globe to provide the best service possible.

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