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22 June 2022

As US Embassies across the world work to get back to normal after the impact of the COVID-10 pandemic, there are slightly longer wait times than normal when booking a face to face interview.

The embassy booking system in the UK is a "live system" - this means slots become available at any time as other applicants reschedule or cancel their appointments and the embassy releases new slots.

While at first you may find you are only able to secure an appointment for a date many weeks in the future, most participants (with a bit of effort!) are able to get an appointment that will enable them to travel on their intended start dates.

Here's what we advise (this has worked in almost all cases!).

  • Book the earliest slot available - this means you are then "in the system"
  • Check in on the embassy booking system as often as possible - we recommend 1st thing in the morning, early after noon and again in the evening - you may need to do this daily!
  • Watch out for new appointments opening up - and as soon as you see one - BOOK IT!

We know this is a frustrating time for everyone travelling to the US - but if you follow the steps above, you give yourself the best chance of getting to the US on or near your intended start date.


Should you be delayed in travelling to the US it is your responsibiity to inform our team. If necessary we will then need to request a change in dates from CIEE in the US and in some cases provide you with new documentation.
Email our team at info@istplus.com with any queries or information on travel/ embassy interview delays

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash